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About Automnolf Wellness

The team at Automwolf Wellness is experienced, skilled, but most of all, friendly. This talented group of people is ready to help you build a toolkit to make your dreams become your reality.


Jeyd Automwolf

Just imagine for a moment if you had the skills to bring about all you desire. Now, dig a little deeper and picture what it would look like if you were able to change your internal landscape to one of joy. What would that look like for you? How would it feel to step into the life you crave? How would it feel to release behaviors of limitation and self-sabotage, and bring about abundance? How would it feel to live your life through your heart, in love, every step of the way?

I asked myself these same questions. I wanted so much more than what my life was. I knew in my heart I deserved betterment, but I lacked the skills for improvement. I had lost everything I thought I loved. I sold my house 2 days after the pandemic started, and was unable to locate another property. I left a very stable job to pursue what I thought (at the time) was a better path to happiness, but it went up in smoke. I found myself in a downward spiral, full of mental sabotage, in a behavior loop I was blind to. I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. Did I do something wrong? Absolutely NOT!

If you can relate to my story, please know that you did nothing wrong as well! Sometimes things just happen. We learn, and it gives us a new perspective on life that we never would have gotten otherwise. I sat in this cycle for a little over a year. I felt ashamed, overrun with grief, anger, and even rage. I grieved for my life as I knew it. I felt like I was broken and worthless. I felt abandoned by my guides and my angels. But then something happened that changed my life forever.

I was meditating one night and my guides came to me. I was so overjoyed to see them again! They shared with me an idea, a seed that would grow not only in my garden, but the garden of others. They planted the idea to change my mindset. They asked me, “Out of everything you experienced, did you learn anything?” Well, yes! Yes, I did! I learned A LOT. I learned how to feel, and I mean really feel, emotions and where they live inside the body. I learned how to process them and release them. I learned how to communicate with my heart and my brain, with my friends and family, and I learned how to step into my full authenticity. I did not try to hide at any point, and I openly shared what I was going through. I felt empowered. I knew that I would never understand people who experience such heart-wrenching lack, until I, too, knew how it felt.

Then, they gave me a plan, a spark, and showed me the way out. The way out really is inside me, as it is inside you. It all starts with our brains. When we change the way we think, we change how we feel, then we change our behaviors. It’s a ripple effect. Just like when you toss a small pebble into the pond, the ripples start out small and barely noticeable. Yet, after a moment, they get larger and more pronounced. It takes one small thought in your mind, the pebble, to create massive change in your life.

So, are you ready to toss your pebble?

We are so excited to see your dreams come true!

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